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Pastor Kills Prostitute, Removes Her Private Parts And Buries Them In The Altar

More fake preachers are being shown to be fake. One person in Kogi state hasn’t been seen since it was found out that he buried a runaway girl in the church’s alter.

Since the revelations, Pastor Segun, who led the church in Ozuri, Adavi LGA, Kogi State, Nigeria, has not been seen.

Mercy Moses, a tiv runs girl from Benue state who moved to the local government to find better opportunities, is said to have left the hotel where she worked (Hollywood hotel) with two men who are working with the evil pastor.
The “ashawo” was last seen with them, and until this fateful day, no one had seen her since.

When her body parts were dug up, the head, chest, legs, and one hand were found buried in the church at the alter with the other bodies.

Mercy hasn’t had her “ashawo” business in the local government for long, and she doesn’t know of any family members who could help her find her parents or hometown.

The preacher is still at large, but the criminals told the police that the pastor paid them 700,000 naira to help him with the rituals and get the girl. People in the area used their phones and cameras to record the event as it happened.

The body of the person who died has been taken to the hospital in Okene. The pastor is still being looked for, and the search is still going on.

How can we make sure pastors don’t do bad things? We can now see very clearly that some pastors don’t respect God. I mean, what’s the point of trying to become a pastor if you know you weren’t called? Leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas below.

Share it with your family and friends to keep them safe. Everyone should know what’s going on in the world right now. And a woman on the run should get a real job to protect herself and her future from doing things that could hurt her.

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