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How Kofi Oduro’s wife’s refusal to use a $70K gift to buy a Range Rover opened them up to unbelievable surprises

Between 2010 and 2015, Prophet Kofi Oduro of the Alabaster International Ministry and his wife went through what he calls “some dark path of life.”

Calling it the moment “before this unveiling,” the popular, tough-talking, no-nonsense preacher narrated how in that moment, right after his return from the United Kingdom, nothing appeared to be working for them.

He said that this dark path of life was so frustrating that nobody wanted to invite him to their church to preach, except one person – Rev. Dr. Christie Doe Tetteh.

He added that even where his church currently is, was taken away from them by his family – the original owners of the land.

“We, before this unveiling, I travelled to live in England for 4 years. When I came back home, we went through some dark path of life. From 2010 to 2015; five years. We didn’t know it was the Lord that was preparing us. Every door shut. Everything closed. Nobody wanted to invite us. The only person that invited me countlessly was Rev. Dr. Christie Doe Tetteh until people said what is it that this guy has that this woman, in a year, can invite me like 15 times.

“So, people were curious. 5 years! Even where Alabaster is, they took it from us. It belongs to my family. They took it from us. For three years, we were not having church there. It was a dark patch,” he narrated while preaching at the 2023 Love Revolution of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM) at the Desert Pastures, Bolga.

Prophet Kofi Oduro continued to narrate how by and by, he got a breakthrough one day after he received a word of prophecy from someone.

Soon, he added, he was out of the country for a preaching assignment and there, he received a hefty donation from the church, including individuals who were present in the meeting.

“One day, I got a prophetic word, I travelled outside the country – the prophetic word started unfolding. I went to a place, did ministry and strange things happened. God honoured and the people gathered revenue. I came back… went close to almost $70,000,’ he said.

Seeing that kind of money after so long, he said he wanted to pamper himself a little with a car he had been desiring so much; a Range Rover Vogue.

And with that kind of money, he was sure he could get one and take care of some other few things but when he shared this desire with his wife, she immediately threw it out of the window.

And her reasons were simple, especially when for so long, he (Prophet Oduro) had not been able to preach for a few months prior.

“When I came back to Accra, I said to Dede, I really like Range Rover Vogue… So, I went to PHC Motors, I saw the car, I took pictures, I brought it home and I said, Dede, come and see. I feel like I want to buy this car. She said, ‘What in your lifetime have you been able to do for God as an individual so that we can look on and tell that God should take us out of sufferings and troubles? This money is not for us.’

“I said, nothing, apart from screaming. She said, ‘Let’s build God a church, then we can tell God, based on this, do this and that.’ It took almost the $70,000. I went and I came back home and I said, at least, let’s buy a small car so that we won’t suffer too much. She said, ‘No, I don’t like this money.’ Because, before that time, four to six months, I had never preached in church. I was discouraged to the point of being depressed, so, if we are going to church, I sit down and she would preach,” he added, preaching on the subject, The Saviour’s Charge.

And like a floodgate, he recalled how this act begun a chain of open doors for them.

“And where we were having the church, she preached and people started coming. Four months, the place could be packed and people are outside; five months, the people are overflowing. And then one day, I said, I want to preach. I was agitating behind the steering wheel and she asked, is everything ok? I said, I feel like I have a word.

“She said, ‘which word? You have not preached for five months. Which word? I don’t think you have any word… because you are seeing people, you want to preach? Okay, preach’… the moment we roofed the building, somebody drove a car to the place and gave the key to me that ‘We were praying last night and the Lord told me to bring you this car.’ The Saviour’s Charge! The discipline in the obedience,” he added.

Watch the full testimony below:

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