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How Most Wanted Ningo Ritual Killer Was Smoked Out And Arrested

Police arrested the Ningo ritual murder suspect and fetish priest. Addo fled to Fosu Abogyeseso, a Central Region village near Assin Fosu, to build another temple. His three wives and brother, David, who was under police surveillance, were also arrested.

The Chronicle states that the deceased’s relatives reported a fetish priest at Fosu Abogyeseso village after the ritual murder was published on Monday, November 14, 2022, along with suspect photos.

Tema police and the departed family worked together to find the murderers using the intelligence.

Last Friday, during the Ghana-Uruguay world cup match, the operation team arrived in Fosu Abogyeseso with a copy of The Chronicle newspaper to launch the operation. As courtesy, they informed the chief of their presence.

After the referee’s whistle, the family’s vehicle waited until the fugitive fetish priest, Addo, emerged from a place to grab a ride after watching the match.

The deceased’s family confronted him, and a swarm of criminals attacked them.

The family justified their actions with The Chronicle at this crucial time.

Luckily, the police arrived and took possession of the criminal priest, who continued to the hamlet to find his new shrine/camp vacant. His wives and brother, David, left at the first sign of arrest.

Tema Police station monitored the main suspect. The community arrested and gave the three wives and David to the chief. Ningo police transported them to Tema police.

The Chronicle previously published the story, which led to the key suspect’s arrest;

The severed head of George Osabutey, who was slain three weeks ago for ritualistic purposes, was excavated from a residence in Mangotsonya, near Old Ningo, in the Ningo Prampram District of Greater Accra.

Prince Narwortey—suspect

At least three people—Michael Narteh, Prince Narwortey, aka Francis (a fetish priest), and Solomon—are in police custody to help investigate the ritual case.

The finding and arrests constitute a big milestone in the Ningo Prampram District murder case.

According to security and civil sources, on Thursday, November 10, 2022, a squad of Tema Regional Police Command investigators and well-trained armed men attacked Mangotsonya to reclaim George Osabutey’s severed head.

Michael Narteh, who was detained after pulling a locally produced revolver on policemen who went to ask him about Addo, a fetish priest and primary suspect in the crime, confessed.

After the crime, fetish priests Addo and Francis fled.

Francis was arrested in Buipe, Central Gonja District, Savanah Region, after a thorough police investigation. Solomon was arrested at Old Ningo.

Michael Narteh—suspect

Narteh confessed after extensive interrogations and arrests.

Police have been tracking Addo and another fugitive, David.

The investigation revealed that Francis severed Osabutey’s head and Narteh buried him in AddoatMangotsonya’s home.

Police found the murder knife in Michael Narteh’s backpack. On Monday, October 24, 2022, Prampram District police received a report of the headless body of an unknown female adult at Lerkpongunor Beach, near Old Ningo, which was removed to the police hospital mortuary for preservation and further action.

George Osabutey was reported missing on October 25, 2022. Investigation indicated that Osabutey, a native of Ningo but resident at Dawhenya, told several persons on Sunday October 23, 2022, that he was going to see fetish priest Addo at Ningo but needed to pass through Francis.

He was last spotted at a Ningo ethnic group entertainment program with both males.

Detectives exhumed Osabutey’s decapitated body at Old Ningo Public Cemetery during the inquisition.

Michael Narteh drew a weapon and threatened police, who disarmed and captured him.

Arrested, he was remanded. The Chronicle reported that Tema police sent signals to the country about the decapitated female adult body.

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