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How My Ex-Boyfriend Used My Womb For Money Rituals – Woman Narrates

A married woman named Mirabel who has lived with her husband for five years but cannot have children has discovered the secret of her infertility.

According to Mirabel, she dated her wealthy ex-boyfriend for seven years and had a happy time, but she didn’t know that the wealth she enjoyed back then was her future destiny which was exchanged for this money.
During this time, her ex-boyfriend bought her a car, she also got money from this man to build a house for parents and traveled to different countries for vacation fun, not knowing that her ex-boyfriend used her womb for money rituals and he only gave her part of that money.

The two had planned to get married but this guy unfortunately broke up with her and she ended up on the streets, two years later she met and married her husband.

They struggled with childbirth for the five years they were together, but all their efforts were unsuccessful. She went to hospitals and various pastors to help her get pregnant, but none of them could help her. One day, her friend convinced her to meet her very powerful pastor.

Mirabel listened to her and went to meet the man of God and he revealed to her that her ex-boyfriend Darlington secretly used her womb for money rituals and there was no way she could get pregnant all her life. The married woman is confused and does not know what to do to have children for her husband.

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