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How My Husband Killed Our 8-Months-Old Baby After We Went To Church-A Woman Shares

Anestine, a disturbed Congolese woman whose husband killed their eight-month-old child during church services, describes the incident.

The woman discloses that she completed her education before marrying her husband, their marriage was wonderful, and everything appears to be going well for them.

But when her husband started having extramarital affairs with the other women in their neighborhood, she started having marital issues. The man began torturing her and even stopped taking care of her.

When she became pregnant, the man treated her badly, so she went back to her parents’ house in the hope that he would change and come back for her.

She remained at her parents’ house until she gave birth, but the man never came to see her or named the child. He was enraged after she gave the baby a name that paid tribute to his parents.

Anestine claims that eight months later they reconcile and came back to her marital home, she believed her husband would love and treat her well. The following Sunday, they attended church together in a joyful mood.

Outside the church, her husband called her, took the baby from her, and killed their son in front of her. The woman stated that the man fled after committing the crime, but she hoped that one day he would be apprehended so that their deceased son would receive justice.

Source: Gnewspage

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