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How to enhance fertility in women

Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful way of contributing to nature. And to achieve this, fertility is very crucial to prospective parents.

The deed required to create a child is well known, however, not all acts lead to pregnancy and it could be attributed to certain challenges.

The challenges could be infertility on the part of the woman or the man.

To boost fertility amongst females, health experts say women must consider the following healthy practices;

Use condom

Yes, you read right. Before you decide to give birth you must use condoms. Condom is the most effective way to prevent STIs such as Gonorrhea and Syphilis.

These infections, according to health practitioners can affect the fertility of a woman when contracted. Thus, it is advisable to use a condom when having sex with your partner until you are ready to conceive.

Quit alcohol, narcotics and caffeine

Its no secret that alcohol, hard drugs and caffeine can make it hard for one to conceive. So if you want to be a mother, it can’t hurt to avoid them altogether.

According to health experts, caffeine hardens the pelvic muscles of the fallopian tubes. Studies have also shown that more than five cups of coffee a day can lead to miscarriages.

Stop smoking

Prospective mothers should know that smoking reduces the chances of conceiving by 40 percent. Scientists say that smoking impairs the functioning of the ovaries so its better to quit the ‘cancer sticks’.

Healthy weight and diet

There is a link between infertility and obesity so it is good to keep your weight at a healthy level. Moderate exercise and healthy diets on regular basis should not be undermined.

Consuming enough iron, calcium and zinc is very crucial in the diets of females who want to conceive. Zinc is said to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Folic acids also boost the sex hormones in females and should be included in the diets of a prospective mother.

Be wary of plastics

In this day and age, plastics may seem unavoidable but if you want to conceive, you should be measured in your exposure. According to studies, chemical compounds in these plastics can inhibit the production of estrogen.

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