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I directed KiDi’s management to a powerful spiritualist – Ayisha Modi drops another bombshell

Ghanaian music investor, Ayisha Modi, has stormed social media with claims of how she tried to salvage KiDi’s ‘deteriorating’ health condition.

In excerpts of a video discussion that has gone viral, the controversial socialite claimed that she asked KiDi’s management to seek an alternative treatment from one of her friends, who is a well-known spiritualist on social media.

Ayisha Modi said she directed KiDi’s management to a woman identified as ‘Abrewa Nana’, who is well known for selling charms, and herbs, and also deals in spiritual consultancy.

Her comments were intended to emphasize her friend’s prowess and efficiency, especially now that people in her field have been subjected to public scrutiny after Hajia Bintu’s ‘Kayamata sale’ sparked controversies on social media.

Abrewa Nana has been cited in the list of individuals who manufacture and sell ‘Kayamata’ in the country.

The herbalist/spiritualist said she has been facing attacks and her credibility has been at stake, ever since ‘Hajia Bintu’ was uncovered and slammed online for selling such love charms.

It was in this case that Ayisha Modi jumped to her defense with claims that she even recommended her to KiDi’s management.

“I know what she can do. I am your customer so I know. Even in the midst of KiDi’s illness, I directed his management to you. I told them to come and consult you, Abrewa Nana, because I know what you can do,” Ayisha Modi stated.

Meanwhile, KiDi has dropped another post after announcing his comeback on social media.

In what looked like a new single, it speaks about depression and ill-health among others.

“If I told you that I am well, I lied,” parts of the song read.

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