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I donate sperm for GH¢2,500 every week – Man reveals

A young man has revealed how he is making money out of donating his spermatozoa.

In a yet-to-be-aired report by TV3, Curtis Jackson (not his real name), said the idea of donating his sperm was first sold to him by some friends in the university.

“I had a couple of friends in the university and I wanted to know how they got their money because they always look good and okay. So they introduced me,” he stated in snippets of the report.

To that end, Jackson disclosed that he earns as much as GH¢2,500 every week by donating sperm.

“Well, I donate every week so let’s say GHC2,500 every week…As long as we have surrogate mothers, I think sperm donation is real as hell,” he stated.

Beyond the monetary benefits of donating sperm, Jackson opined that the donation of his sperm will benefit society aside God’s instruction to mankind to populate the earth.

“Well, I am doing God’s work because he said we should fill the earth,” he said.

To give essence to the saying that not all heroes wear capes, Jackson shared his belief that donating sperm to help others conceive is a heroic act.

“That is what heroes do, they always put others’ needs before theirs…” he said.

In recent times, fertility clinics have become a thriving branch of health services in Ghana.

This has brought with it the accompanying benefits of individuals making money by donating sperm or eggs to help couples or individuals with challenges to conceive.

The report about Jackson’s exploits as a sperm donor has attracted various reactions on social media.

To some, the idea of donating sperm raises religious and moral questions while others believe the practice is a good way of making money as well as helping society.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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