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‘I don’t know him’ – Delay’s response to suggestion to host musician who dissed Amerado

While Amerado and Lyrical Joe are fiercely engaging in a battle for supremacy, there has been a call on Deloris Frimpong Manso to host Lyrical Joe on The Delay Show.

The popular TV host, however, did not agree to the suggestion; neither did she turn it down. Although Lyrical Joe won the Best Rap Performance award at the 23rd Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) and is beefing Amerado who once expressed he wishes Delay was his, the famed media personality’s response is one many have considered a dig at Lyrical Joe.

“Who is he please? Never heard of him,” Delay replied a tweep who suggested she interviewed Lyrical Joe.

The battle of ‘Kyibom’, ‘Baboon’ and ‘Ponky Joe’

In the last couple of days, Amerado and Lyrical Joe have released diss tracks for each other. On August 5, 2022 which was Lyrical Joe’s birthday, Amerado released ‘Kyibom’, unleashing ‘venom’ on Kofi Mole and Lyrical Joe.

Typical of him, the Mic Burners artiste on this four-minute piece did not mince words; neither did he refuse to mention who the diss song is directed at. He poohpoohed the prowess of Kofi Mole and Lyrical Joe, making them seem insignificant in the rap game.

Lyrical Joe, on the other hand, released a response two on August 9. Titled ‘Baboon’, Lyrical Joe who was in the Best Rapper of the Year category with Amerado at the 5th edition of the 3Music Awards but lost to the latter, threw shots as he hit back.

Hours after ‘Baboon’ was released, Amerado followed with ‘Ponky Joe’ and although he said he would ordinarily not have released a second diss song, he said it had become necessary because Lyrical Joe needed to be lashed.


After Amerado was crowned Best Rapper at the 5th edition of the 3Music Awards, Lyrical Joe released a song to express his displeasure at the organisers, stressing that even Amerado knows he did not deserve the award.

Although some expected Amerado to reply at the time, he refused to. He stated on ‘Kyibom’ that he was busy with his album, a reason he did not reply to the diss track. And now that he is ready for the war, he will not take it easy on Lyrical Joe, hence, the back-to-back diss songs.


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