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‘I felt disappointed’ – Fella Makafui on Michy’s outbursts at her husband, Medikal

Fella Makafui has reacted to the manner in which Michy earlier confronted her husband, Medikal.

In a video that went viral online, Michy, the mother of Shatta Wale’s son engaged in an altercation with Medikal over claims that the dancehall artiste still pays their son’s school fees after their fallout.

Diamond claimed Medikal tagged Shatta a responsible father when she had always maintained that he doesn’t live up to expectations.

But expressing how she felt about what ensued on that particular day, Fella Makafui said,

“I felt disappointed but it is what it is.”

Touching further on the issue, Fella said she did not witness whatever happened until she was briefed about it on their way home.

“I wasn’t there at the scene. We were initially walking together when I met Etty Betty from Yolo. We were snapping so I didn’t see all that happened. So, our manager rushed into the car and asked us to leave and I asked what the problem was and that was where they gisted me about everything.”

Meanwhile, netizens have since urged Michy to issue a public apology to Medikal after she went berserk on him in public.


In a video shared by Michy via her Snapchat, she launched an attack on Medikal when they met at an event on April 29, 2023.

Michy was seen lashing out at Medikal while stating that the AMG rapper claimed Shatta Wale had paid all of Majesty’s school fees for a year.

“MDK are you the one who said they pay Majesty’s fees for a whole year? Which account do you pay the money into? I’m beefing you.

“I was talking about Island,” Medikal responded to Michy’s allegations to which Michy retorted; “You were talking about what? Is Island Wale’s child? Medikal if you are dealing with me deal with me carefully.”

Medikal, who was obviously not in the mood to trade words with Michy said; “God bless you. Respect yourself,” as he walked away.

Michy who was poised on fighting the rapper kept on shouting, “You respect your fucking self. You dey do follow back too much.”

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