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“I Joined Illuminati To Sacrifice My Wife After I Caught Her Cheating” – Man Narrates

Kingstone from Nairobi said that he joined Illuminati to kill his wife after he caught her cheating with her boss.

He was born in western Kenya and grew up there. After he finished high school, he moved to Nairobi and went to college there. After he finished school, he met a girl with whom he agreed to start a family.

He worked for a company that did construction, and his wife worked as a secretary. At first, his wife was so faithful that she could give him all of her pay so he could budget it. They had decided to wait to start a family until he got a good job.

After they had been married for a year, his wife met one of her cousins who was married to a rich man as his second wife. She gave her bad advice when she told her to start dating her rich boss, since her husband was not rich.

She started to treat him badly and stopped caring about him. One day, he took her phone and saw that her boss had sent her love notes. When he asked her what they had talked about, she was rude and walked out of the house. He was ready to forgive his wife because he loved her.

He went with one of her friends and tried to get her to go home, but she wouldn’t. He was heartbroken. He decided to look for ads for Illuminati so he could join and kill his wife because she had caused him so much pain.

They made plans for when they would go see him. He thought that day that they might ask him to kill his mother. He turned off his phone and stopped using Facebook. He went to church, asked for forgiveness, and was saved.

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