A Kumasi-based woman (named withheld) is in distress after her kleptomaniac nature caused her husband to send her packing.

The mid-adult confessed to being a serial thief since she was just a 15-year-old Junior High School (JHS) 1 pupil.

According to her, she thought her act was just a result of youthful adventure, but now in her middle twenties, the situation is far worse.

The distraught woman told theNhyira FM Obra team that she realized she had a big problem when she could not stop stealing petty items, even those she was not in need of.

“When I was in school, I used to steal from my teachers. Anytime they leave money or items on the next, I grab it. But now, I shoplift. I even steal from people close to me. Anytime someone is not watching, I have a desire to just steal something”.

In spite of this, not only did she get a man to fall absolutely in love with her, he promised to help her quit her bad habit, after which he will make her his wife.

The enticing promise, however, did not stop the woman from stealing from her to-be mother-in law, a situation that ended their once happy relationship.

Speaking on the same platform, the mother-in-law accused the woman of stealing fabrics, cooking utensils and other household items on their blind side.

She further revealed she received a complaint from a supermarket sales attendant that her would-be in-law had pilfered ingredients including a mini gallon of oil, medium size tomato paste, bag of rice, among others.

When asked if the allegations were true, the kleptomaniac confessed she indeed stole from the neighbouring supermarket, but denied stealing from her mother-in-law.

She revealed the stolen items were presented to her biological mother as Christmas gift.

In view of this, her fiance has called off their engagement and has sent her packing.

All efforts to get her a remedy, be it fasting and prayers or traditional intervention has proven futile.

She appeared on the Obra show amid tears to seek further assistance, if there is.