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I sleep with women but it’s no grounds to bar me from the Bar – Ama Governor

Elorm Ama Ababio, popularly known as Ama Governor, a Ghanaian social media influencer and lawyer-in-waiting, has publicly restated her queer identity.

Speaking in an interview on Joy News on September 23, 2023, during the #OccupyJulorbihouse demonstration in Accra, she emphasized that her sexual orientation has no bearing on her qualifications to become a lawyer.

Ama Governor, who was previously denied access to the bar due to a petition filed against her, disclosed that she has emerged victorious in the case and is set to be called to the bar in October 2023.

She explained that the petition, which led to her initial denial, included allegations that were later found to be unsubstantiated.

On her delayed call to the bar, she said: “…because a concerned citizen petitioned that I was not fit to be called to the bar, they gave two fallacious grounds and one insufficient ground, which all got thrown out, and basically, I won in conclusion.

“First of all, like as I said, the person stated fallacious grounds, they were lies, like outright fabrications.”

She added “And the last one is the fact of my sexuality that I sleep with women. I said that is not a lie; I do sleep with women, that is a fact. But it is not grounds for me to not be called to the bar, and that is it.

“My sexuality, I am queer, I am pansexual; yes, I sleep with women, but it is not a ground upon which you can say I am not fit to be called unto the bar, and that was our defense, and we won.”

In a recent report by the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) representative on the General Legal Council, Ama Governor has been permitted to complete the application processes to be called to bar in the October/November 2023 sessions.

The report also stated that her conduct will be monitored during the time leading up to the submission of her application to be cammed to Bar.

The report further stated that she will be made to sign an undertaking to be of good behaviour while enrolled as a lawyer in Ghana.

A letter with the requirements has been delivered to her.

Here is a full transcript of the report.

“On 1st November 2022, Council received a complaint of misconduct against one of the students alleging that the student could be seen on widely circulated videos engaging in conduct unbecoming of an applicant-in-waiting- to be called to the Bar.

The Council therefore constituted a committee to investigate the complaint and submit its report. The Committee completed its investigations and submitted a report to Council. After consideration of the report, Council decided to permit the student to complete appropriate forms for application to be called to Bar in October/November 2023 and that, Council will monitor and observe the student’s conduct during the time leading up to the submission of the application to be called to the Bar.

Council further decided that should the application to be called to the Bar be successful, the student will be required to give special undertaking to be of good behaviour and not to repeat any conduct which may bring the profession into disrepute whilst enrolled on the roll of Lawyers in Ghana. A letter was therefore written to the student to convey the decisions of Council.”.

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