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I sleeps with my father to pay school fees – Lady cries


A young woman by the name of Joyce has depicted how she was mistreated by her own father. She revealed this staggering secret on a Tv show called Lynn Ngugi show.How her father treated her could at this point not be let sleeping dogs lie, she would at absolutely no point in the future overcome the misery and moping. She couldn’t stand her father, each time he went into the room she would leave.

Her father promise her that he will pay her school runs after accepting she laid with him. She resisted the urge to panic likewise allowing her father to take advantage of every one of her times got back from school this happened until she fell pregnant.

She endeavored to disguise the pregnancy yet some the manner by which her mother found out about it anyway she didn’t understand that the youth had a spot with her daughter’s normal father.

Her father left for quite a while looking for an errand when he returned he requested requiring another youth with his own daughter. He promised to restore her to school accepting she gave him another youngster.

Source: Michael Agyapong Agyapa

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