Ghanaian evangelist and marriage counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has opined on how hard it is to marry a man of God.

The famed evangelist intimated that she would never push her daughter to marry a man of God although she is a woman of God.

She complained that some men of God do not treat their wives well, so she will allow her daughter to marry whoever she wants.

Speaking to Nhyiraba Asirigi on Accra-based Rainbow Radio’s Weekend Morning Show, she noted that most men of God give more attention to their wealthy church members and neglect their families.

“If that’s God’s will, then so be it.

“I won’t urge her to do so physically,” she stated.

The vocal marriage expert noted, “Some pastors give their members more care than their family. They do so, especially with people who have money. What they say is what he listens to.”

“He gives all the attention to the members and does not even have time for his wife. Some [pastors] can maltreat their wives because of some members they are associated with,” she added.

She doesn’t completely go against the idea of her daughter marrying a pastor, but to her, it is a big task that demands a bigger heart and the intervention of God.

“Some pastors have neglected their families and believe the church is their family. A godly man whose family is safe would see his church flourish. If your wife, children, and home are content with you, the church will thrive,” she said.