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If you care for your eyes, stop eating any of these 4 foods

It’s common to think that as we get older, our eyesight gets weaker and less effective than when we were younger. Healthy living and good eating habits can go a long way to putting off the process. Our eating habits can also hurt our eyesight even before we get old.

Here are four foods that you should not eat to keep your eyesight safe.


Fried food.

Because deep-fried foods can damage your eyes and your whole body, you should only eat them in moderation. Fries, onion rings, wings, and many other foods are high in saturated fats, which can cause your vision to slowly get worse. This can happen over time.


Drinks that have a lot of sugar.

Study: People who drink drinks that are sweetened with sugars like high-fructose corn syrup have higher triglyceride levels and are more likely to have high blood pressure. This could cause eye problems.


Meats that have been cooked.

These are known to be bad for both your health and your eyes. Bacon, sausages, and processed lunch meats like cooked ham are what I’m talking about. All of these have a lot of salt in them, which is bad for your health. Hundreds of years ago, salt was used as a way to keep food fresh. Salt is now added to a lot of food and can have a big effect on your health.

Don’t eat processed meats. Choose fresh, organic meats that haven’t been messed with at all.


Alcohol is bad for you.

People who eat alcohol are more likely to get eye disease, even though alcohol isn’t food. Alcohol can cause cataracts at a younger age, which is a common condition that causes a cloudy area in the lens of your eyes.

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