In a video circulating on social media, the self-acclaimed prophetess announced that she has accepted a marriage proposal from a new boyfriend only seven days after separating from her estranged husband.

The evangelist told her online followers that she is too blessed and attractive to remain single for long after a divorce.

By remarrying so soon, Agradaa implies she wants to prevent her ex from harboring hopes of a reconciliation.

“I got divorced last Sunday and exactly a week after someone proposed to me,” Agradaa stated in the viral clip.

She continued, “If I get divorced today, tomorrow I will get another husband because I am beautiful and blessed. When you keep staying single, the man who left you will plan to come back so move on and don’t give them a chance.”

Nana Agradaa, who gained notoriety in Ghana for her numerous money-doubling scam “sika gari” revealed that her marriage had ended due to her husband’s infidelity.