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Import and sale ban: See the 19 electrical appliances, products affected

Government through the Energy Commission has announced a ban on the importation and sale of 19 electrical appliances and renewable energy products.

The move has been widely opposed by secondhand dealer groups who make a living on the importation of appliances and products into the country. They also contend that the decision will impact the livelihoods of about 20,000 people who deal in the secondhand electronic appliances value chain.

But the Energy Commission in a statement has explained that the ban is hinged on preventing Ghana from becoming a dumping site for substandard and used appliances.

It further indicated that the ban aims to conserve high electricity demand which impacts additional power generation thereby impacting the economy.

“The ban is to protect the environment and safeguard the health of citizens from air pollution caused by increased power generation and to protect the consumer from purchasing unsuitable appliances and the payment of unnecessarily high electricity bills,” a statement issued by the Commission said.

Meanwhile, some of the products banned from importation and sale by the Energy Commission include Television sets, Rice cookers, and washing machines among others.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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