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Ladies: What It Means To Have A Tight Vagina

Accrding to Healthline, If you’re having pain during penetration, a “tight” vagina could be an indicator of a more serious problem.

When you’re aroused, your vaginal muscles loosen up on their own. Your vagina won’t loosen, lubricate itself, or stretch if you aren’t in the mood for or physically able to engage in sexual activity.

Thus, a sexual contact may be uncomfortable or even impossible if the vaginal muscles are too tight. Another possible symptom of vaginismus is extreme vaginal tightness. This is a physical issue that can be treated.

Pain felt in the vaginal area prior to or during penetration is known as vaginismus. This may involve sexual activity, the use of a tampon, or a speculum used during a pelvic exam.

See your gynecologist if any of this rings a bell. They are able to evaluate your symptoms and provide insight into a possible diagnosis. Your doctor may suggest vaginal dilator therapy, Botox injections, Kegels, or other pelvic floor exercises for vaginismus.

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