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M.anifest gets his own customized Emoji from Twitter



Asides from the fact that M.anifest’s latest album, ‘Madina To The Universe’ has enjoyed a lot of high patronage from fans since its release on November 18, 2021, the rapper has been given a customized emoji (hashmoji) by Twitter.

The emoji automatically pops up anytime fans tweet hashtags relating to M.anifest‘s album; #MTTU, #MTTUalbum, #ManifestMTTU, #ManifestMTTU21, #MadinaToTheUniverse.

M.anifest becomes the first public figure from Ghana to have his own official customized emoji (hashmoji) sanctioned by Twitter.

This was confirmed by Bernard Kafui Sopke (Mista Meister), a Senior Partner Manager at Twitter, in a tweet:

“Our first Ghanaian artist with a custom hashmoji which can be seen globally. More exciting collaborations ahead on the continent.”

Meanwhile, M.anifest‘s ‘Madina To The Universe’ continues to receive rave reviews from Atwood Magazine, OkayAfrica, Rolling Stone (India), and numerous other publications, as well as major features on digital streaming platforms.

The album is without a doubt a contender for an award and a defining moment in the rapper’s career.


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