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Man bedridden after years of masturbation

A man who will be called Jack for his privacy has disclosed long-term acts of masturbation has rendered him paralyzed for over 7 years.

Having practiced masturbation since his teens, he started developing pains in his joints when he grew a lot older and is now bedridden, a condition her attributes to his long-term masturbation.

“Consistent acts of masturbation have seen me paralyzed for 7 years now. I have been bedridden and can’t even do anything on my own. It started with me suffering pains in my joints and being unable to walk for long distances. It got worse and I eventually was bedridden. I have even been abandoned by my wife,” he narrated sadly.

On Happy98.9FM’s NsemPii show with host Rev Nyansa Boakwa, Jack disclosed he also suffers unbearable pain whenever he urinates, a condition he attributes to masturbation.

Having suffered the effects of masturbation firsthand, he advised young people practicing the act to put a stop to it if they wish for long and healthy life.

Source: happyghana.com

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