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Meet the tribe that eats dead body

There are many strange cultures in the world that are hard to understand but still interesting enough to get people talking about them.

In South America, the Yanomami people are also called Yanam or Senema. They live in Venezuela and parts of Brazil. This tribe is not interested in modernization or westernization. Instead, they would rather keep their culture.

Endocannibalism is a strange burial practice that this tribe does. It is similar to cannibalism.

Endocannibalism is when someone from the same community, tribe, or society eats the flesh of a dead member of the same group.

The Yanomami are an indigenous tribe that believes the soul must be protected after the body dies. People believe that the body must be burned and eaten by living relatives before the soul can rest and move on.

But instead of burying the dead like most people do, this native Indian tribe burns the bodies and then paints their faces with the dirt from the burned bodies. Those who sing and cry to show how sad they are about a family member’s death

In the second part of the burial, they collect the bones that were left over after the bodies were burned and grind them into a powder. They then mix this powder with the ashes from the burned bodies.

People in this tribe mix this with bananas to make banana soup, which is a local favorite. They serve this soup to everyone.

They think that the soul can only find peace for all time if this burial ritual is done.

But if an enemy kills a family member or a member of the village, only the women eat the ashes and then get revenge on the killers. The ceremony takes place on the same night that the villagers will get revenge, perhaps by raiding the enemy’s home.

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