Solomon Buchi, a Nigerian relationship expert, life coach and content creator, has taken to Twitter to encourage men to hug each other more often.

In a tweet, he suggested that long hugs, lasting about 30 seconds, could make a positive difference in the lives of men.

Buchi noted that men often go through a lot and use funny salutations to feign their emotions.

He argued that hugging could be a powerful way for men to connect with each other and show support.

He also addressed common concerns of men asking for hugs, saying, “You’re not weak, and your ‘pimpim’ (penis) won’t disappear. I promise.”

“Men should hug fellow men more. I know we’re used to handshakes, but actual long hugs like 30secs will make a difference. We go through a lot and feign it with humorous salutations. Hug your fellow guys. Men, ask for hugs too. You’re not weak, and your pimpim won’t disappear. I promise,” he wrote on Sunday, April 23.



The tweet has sparked a discussion on social media, with many users sharing their thoughts on the idea of men hugging each other.

Many experts argue that traditional gender roles and societal expectations make it difficult for men to express their emotions and seek support when needed.

Encouraging men to hug each other like Buchi did, could be seen as a way to challenge these cultural norms and promote greater emotional expressions among men.