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Messi vs Ronaldo who is the GOAT

Who is the GOAT between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo? – This is the largest football controversy to arise since the “Diego Maradona or Pele?” comparison.

The two football legends have graced the game for the past 15 years with consistency hence they deserve all the praises and 5-star accolades from football lovers all over the world.

The debate over who is superior between the Argentine empyrean and the Portuguese phenomenon has been on the lips of football lovers for the past ten years and will continue to do so in the future.

Club and country allegiances can skew opinions, and personalities can affect how well a player is viewed, with most people having a clear idea of who they would choose.

So who is the best person that has ever lived? Regardless of who you like, Ghpage has examined how the two genuinely compare so you can enter the never-ending debate well-informed.

Below is a head-to-head comparison of the two football heavyweights

Club Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo – 701

Lionel Messi – 695

Club Assists

Cristiano Ronaldo – 201

Lionel Messi – 296

Champions League Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo – 140

Lionel Messi – 129

World Cup Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo – 8

Lionel Messi – 13

International Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo – 118

Lionel Messi – 98


World Cup – Ronaldo (0) Lionel Messi (1)

COPA America – Ronaldo (1) Messi (1)

National League – Ronaldo (1) Messi (1)

Olympics – Ronaldo (0) Messi (1)

League titles – Ronaldo (7) Messi (11)

Champions League – Ronaldo (5) Messi (4)


Club World Cup – Ronaldo (4) Messi (3)

National Cups – Ronaldo (4) Messi (7)

TOTAL – 22 – 28

Individual Awards

Ballon D’or – Ronaldo (5) – Messi (7)

Best FIFA Men’s player – Ronaldo (2) – Messi (1)

Europen Golden Shoe – Ronaldo (4) – Messi (7)

UEFA Player of the year – Ronaldo (4) – Messi (3)

FIFIApro World XI – Ronaldo (14) – Messi (14)

Player of the years league – Ronaldo (4) – Messi (6)

Messi has a total of 42 trophies in his career just 1 behind Dani Alves’ 43 record while Ronaldo on the other hand also has 32 trophies to his credit.

You can conclude for yourself who the actual GOAT is by citing the above records of the two widely considered greatest players of all time.


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