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Movies 90s children won’t ever forget



Reliving the 90s through movies

Why 2000s kids won’t know what rewinding a VHS meant

90s movies to watch with children born in the early 2000s

Living in the 1990s as a kid was pure bliss as each day came with a new VHS cassette when parents returned from work, if not, had borrowed from a neighbour.

The laugh and sometimes screams left imprinted memories that we may not shake or ever shake off.

The evidence is there, that though we might be in 2021, we can’t get enough of the 1990s. So, with that in mind, here’s our round-up of the best 1990s movies to revisit for your nostalgic viewing pleasure and to help remind the 2000s babies what the deal was in the 90s.

Below is a list of movies to help you relive your childhood:


This film was the first to be aired on Ghanaian television and is still a classic even though it was released in the ’70s by Egbert Adjesu.

The movie portrayed a story about a father who refuses to agree to his daughter’s marriage to a wealthy man. The refusal brought about conflict among members of the family in the post-colonial era as they struggle to choose between love and money.


“Na wo y3 owo!” meaning ‘are you a snake’, undoubtedly one of the most popular terms back in the day when all we could remember was seeing a man turn into a snake.

Diabolo was a 1992 Ghanaian classic movie that told the story of a man who had the power to transform into a snake and sexually assault anyone who was in his space, mostly prostitutes he brought back home with him.

Mama mia

Mamma Mia is a Ghanaian film directed by and starring Bob Smith Jnr in 1995.

Set in Verona as well as Accra, it was one of the earlier films to focus on the lives of Ghanaians living in Europe. The film was the first of three films in a series sharing that name the others being Double Trouble (Mamma Mia Part 2) (1998) and Black is Black (Mamma Mia 3) (2000).


Augustine Abbey popularly known as Idi Koko was one of the most popular actors in the 90s and early 2000s on television. Idikoko played a ‘rotational’ role; from being a drunkard to a security officer to a banker to a ‘419’ to a wealthy man.

He thrilled fans with his movie that launched his ‘alias’ Idikoko. His production house produced movies like Stolen Bible, Tricky twist, Matters of the Heart, Bitter Love, Stolen Pregnancy among others.

He was multitalented enough to play roles then and it is believed he could still make an impact in today’s reviving movie industry.


The movie starred Araba Stamp, Bob Santo, Harry Laud, Judas and many other actors who were prominent back in the day. The plot focused on a monster who was unaware of its identity and killed countless people in the house of Harry Laud.

It was one of the staples of Harry Laud Production.

Harry Laud, a Ghanaian movie director, producer and actor produced a lot of movies that launched the careers of many actors and actresses.

In the era where the internet runs the world and not VHS, the question on the minds of those who saw the great works of this extraordinary producer is ‘Where is Harry Laud?’ and why he hasn’t got any trace of him on the internet.