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My fiancée has given me side chick rules – Hollywood star Michael Blackson

Hollywood star Michael Blackson has shared with New York City’s Hiphop radio station Power FM, that his fiancée known as Miss Rada has given him rules when it comes to his much publicised license to have side chicks.

He said to the Breakfast Club on-air team, “Life is good with the fiancée. She’s given me some sick chick rules I have to follow. I’ve been trying my hardest to follow them.”

“I mean if she’s going to allow you to get some extra [women], at least you could show her some respect,” he prompted.

Stating the rules, the actor, born in Agona Nsaba, Ghana, said, “One of her main rules is when I [climax] the lady has to go. She don’t want no contact. I have to block [this woman] off IG, Twitter, Christian Mingle, you know everything. She don’t want me repeating no woman. She don’t want me to [sleep with the same] chick in the same year cos it’d feel like a relationship.

Of course, you gotta protect yourself and don’t look them in the face while you’re [sleeping with them] cos if you look somebody in the face, you’re gonna fall in love. I’m like, I’m not falling in love with nobody. She don’t want no kissing.”

Another rule of his fiancée’s, according to Blackson, is if he plans to have a woman and he finds out on the day they meet that she is in her period, he can’t reschedule with her ever again.

Head host of the show, DJ Envy, asked the actor why he wouldn’t simply stay faithful to one woman and write-off the others, to which he responded, “It sounds good but I’m African.”

On whether he allows his woman equal freedom to also “dibble and dabble”, the American-Ghanaian comic, wearing a necklace with the map of Africa for a pendant, retorted, “C’mon! That’s some light-skin [mess]. We don’t do that in the dark-skin community. It’s against the law.”

Blackson later followed up with a soliloquy, “Why don’t you just be single and do what you want? Every great man needs a good woman by his side. Prior to Rada I ran into some really ruggedly chicks.”

The ‘Couples Retreat’ star went on to recall how two different women had stolen from him after intimate moments with them.

Source: classfmonline.com

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