A Nigerian man identified as Fola has narrated an alleged inhumane treatment meted out to him by his former landlord.

The landlord sometimes climbs the roof and pushes himself through the ceiling just to peep at him in his room, according to him.

A series of tweets from Fola also reveals how the landlord finds delight in chasing out tenants after just six months with unnecessary increments of the fee.

According to Fola, who is a content creator, he spent a lot of money renovating the apartment for his shoots, but the landlord kicked him out before his rent was due for no apparent reason.

The inhuman treatment from the landlord, Fola noted, almost affected him mentally. He advised people around him not to try renting what he called a “hell of a house.”

His write-up reads: “I went through one of the worst experiences of my life between August 2022 and January 2023… After moving into a new space in February 2022, spending millions to renovate and set up the space.

“The Landlord issued a quit notice exactly 6 months after. Claiming his family was coming back from the US so they’ll need the space. Bruhhhh, I was so devastated cos I thought I had seen my “home/perfect workspace”.

“Fast forward to after moving out, the bastard is listing the house for twice the price I paid. Guys, if anybody you know wants to take this house please do not let them, I’ll give you reasons not to.

“Apparently landlord sends out tenants exactly 6 months after moving in. He threatened me a couple times with weapons. He is a stalker, enters the roof at random times to peep at tenants. He harassed my visitors countless times ( I had to stop inviting people over)

“He started looking for ways to frustrate me, started sending cryptic messages to my family and friends. Randomly walks naked around the house (even during the day) The list goes on honestly. I’m not the type that talks about personal stuff online, only to close friends. Hence why I never said anything about it, instead focus on getting myself a new space to ensure the safety and well-being of my siblings and My Colleagues.

“My mental health was in shambles, I woke up many days with serious anxiety and panic attacks… Cos amidst all of that I still had to keep my business running, maintain a good home and push out content.”