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NDC is still soft on Cecilia Dapaah and the NPP — Dr. Lawrence


Until One million dollars, three hundred thousand euros and millions of Ghana money were stolen from Mrs Cecilia Dapaah’s home, did you know that she used 43 million dollars to clean the Odaw river? But don’t we have opposition party in Ghana?

When NDC was in power, who didn’t know Woyome allegedly collected fifty-two thousand cedis, which didn’t belong to him? Did Ursula Owusu not go to Germany and composed a song called Woyome, Woyome?

When the issue of bus branding came up because the NPP suspected that the late Dzifa Attivor misused money out of the work done, wasn’t Ghana on fire?

When Victoria Hammer dreamt of making $1 million and quitting politics, didn’t Ursula Owusu call for lifestyle audit on her? Didn’t John Boadu, former General Secretary of the NPP call for the seizure of her assets after she was fired?

When NDC was in power and Ibrahim Mahama was cleaning the Odaw river for free, didn’t the NPP drag him into politics? Didn’t that force him to stop cleaning the Odaw, just for the NPP to come to power and clean the same Odaw for $43 million?

You watch, now that the bogus budget review has been read, the rented media houses will not mention Cecilia Dapaah’s name again and if an NDC communicator tries to mention it as they discuss the budget, the host will stop him/her with the explanation that they are not related.

Should NDC allow Cecilia Dapaah’s name to die just like that? So, can’t NDC do something about the name Cecilia Dapaah, so it can have an everlasting memory in the minds of Ghanaians? Can’t we also compose songs for her and her party? Anytime someone mentions “Woyome” it is associated with corruption by the NDC. What is Cecilia Dapaah’s name associated with?

Just within the same week, a presidential staffer, Lawyer Hamidu Nuhu, also had $114.000, €800 and millions of Ghana money stolen from her room: the government has written off half of GHC 776 billion it owed the Central bank and there is the revelation that the Bank of Ghana lost about GHC 60 billion in 2020.

Where are the Ghanaian Youth, the Arise Ghana Youth, Save Ghana Youth, and the Freedom Fighters? I think we’ve not raised the temperature in Ghana high enough, that is why they can tell us Cecilia Dapaah’s money is a funeral donation and a family property.

By the way, has the 26 ambulances, of which one was found in Dubai, arrived or should we now confirm it as another scandal? I am just a messenger.
Mahama reba.



Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Proggressive Movement in USA.

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