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‘No matter the situation, I will sleep with my female artiste’ – Bullgod reiterates

Bullgod still stands by his earlier claims of being the type of manager that will sleep with his female artiste to maintain an effective working relationship.

Earlier in May 2020, the controversial artiste manager cum pundit, said, he cannot guarantee that he won’t have sex with any female artiste he manages and his comments sparked confusion online.

“Any female artiste I manage, I will sleep with her. This is where I pity some of us. The practitioners are not being realistic when we sit on TV and radio, let’s put it out there the way it is so people will understand that we are humans and so such things are bound to happen.

“That is why I do not manage female artistes because my believe in talent goes beyond the regular, I have to mimic the talent to be able to push it, mine is highly spiritual,” he stated on JoyFM’s drive time.

But the discussion crept back into his conversation with Abeiku Santana and three years down the lane, BullGod’s view hasn’t changed.

“Is it a crime to sleep with a woman? Don’t you sleep with women? (points to Abeiku). As for the earlier reports, that’s not what I said. What I really said was that, no matter the situation, I will sleep with my female artiste. I will have sex with her. What is wrong with sleeping with my artiste though? What is the problem?”

The host, Abeiku Santana, who was shocked by Bullgod’s response was compelled to pry about his upbringing and he responded: “Growing up my mother was a lab technician and my father was a banker. I grew up with my mum who was a single mother at that time and she was very strict. I grew up in a fairly disciplined home. My mother was a no-nonsense person.”

“So If your mother was a no-nonsense person then what happened to you?” Abeiku asked further.

Bullgod replied: “What do you mean by that? Why I’m I now spoilt, mad or going astray?”

Watch the video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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