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Nogokpo war: Agyinasare should ‘run’ to the presidency for help – Ajagurajah

Ajagurajah Movement founder, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, has suggested that Archbishop Charles Agyinasare should seek help from the presidency to help resolve his fracas with the people of Nogokpo.

The Perez Chapel founder’s reference to Nogokpo as the “demonic” headquarters of the Volta Region has since attracted a series of responses and threats from the town’s chiefs and priests.

Although Mr. Agyinasare had issued an apology and clarified that his comments were not intended to demean the Nogokpo township, he has been served a 14-day ultimatum to appear before the elders of the town or face the consequence.

What appears to be a dilemma with regard to whether Archbishop Agyinasare should honour the invitation or not has been a major concern among netizens on social media.

However, sharing his thoughts on the ongoing confusion, Bishop Asiamah said it appears the only way out of the situation, is to plead with the country’s leaders to help resolve it amicably.

“It has happened already, so nobody should judge. There are powers in this world and he knows. He should beseech the presidency and plead with them to help. He should plead with the presidency so the issue can be resolved on mutual grounds. He definitely has links to government, so he should ask them to help solve the problem amicably,’’ he stated on the United Showbiz.

According to the Ajagurajah Movement founder, it will be a wrong idea to honour the invitation as the ‘Man of God’ will be taken through some rituals that don’t align with his Christian faith.

“Maybe his statements were not meant for evil but I think the people of Nogokpo want to use him as an example, as a scapegoat, because he is a big fish. The rituals and other things they will put him through when he goes, will not align with Christianity. He will definitely be made to appease the gods. It doesn’t matter whether you have Jesus, the place is extremely hot and powerful. Even the Bible says ‘give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar’. He should assign emissaries because it will be deadly if he goes and if he refuses, it will also breed trouble,” he added.

Nogokpo’s concerns

The chiefs and elders of Nogokpo have expressed disappointment that Archbishop Agyinasare showed no remorse for his comments, which they interpreted as an intentional effort to tarnish the reputation of the people of Nogokpo.

At a press conference on Friday, June 2, 2023, Dufia of Nogokpo, Torgbui Saba V, emphasized that Nogokpo should not be perceived as the headquarters of wickedness or evil in the Volta Region.

He noted that the town has a rich history, including being visited by Ghana’s first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who sought divine assistance from the thunder deity, Torgbui Zakadza during the independence ‘fight’ with the British.

The chief’s statement also highlighted Nogokpo’s location along the ECOWAS highway, a major route for goods and passengers, and stressed that derogatory comments about the town were unfounded. It emphasized the peaceful and tolerant nature of the people of Nogokpo, urging religious leaders to be mindful of their language and avoid inciting violence.

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