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NPP, NDC have colonized us for long – Dr. Ankrah to Ghanaians

Dr. Sam Ankrah, an aspiring independent presidential candidate, has stated that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have colonized the nation for too long without any major impact.

He has, therefore, called on Ghanaians to kick them out of power in the upcoming 2024 general elections.

Dr. Ankrah said that the high rates of unemployment, poverty, excessive taxes inflict severe hardship on the people, leading to increased rates of crime and other social vices.

According to him, the economic crisis the nation is grappling with, coupled with other challenges in the decades-long ruling of the two dominant parties (NPP and NDC) is a clear indication of their failure in governance.

Speaking in an interview with Evans Mensah on Joynews on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, Dr Ankrah called on Ghanaians to change their mindset of voting for NPP and NDC to rule the nation and consider other options.

“We’ve had enough of this Fourth Republic NDC and NPP. Our people are hungry. A lot of Ghanaians I talk to don’t have work to do. If you go on the streets, people are paying so much taxes. Businesses are folding on a daily basis.

“Basically there’s a serious economic challenge in the system and I believe that this status is low. This cannot continue. We can’t have a new colonial system where certain people go into power to enrich themselves and their immediate families at the expense of all,” myjoyonline.com quoted him as having said.

Dr. Ankrah reiterated that both the NPP and NDC have failed the nation for quite some time, hence the need to break the system and rebuild the right structures that will not suit a section of Ghanaians alone.

“Similarly, if Ghana, if we feel the current status quo has failed us and we have to look for options, we have to break the system and rebuild again by having the right structures that do not just favour a section of people but everybody else, then we are heading towards the right direction,” he added.

The independent candidate noted that it is about time Ghanaians alter their voting pattern and try other options to turn things around for the good of everyone.

Dr. Ankrah said that he is the right person to rescue Ghanaians from their predicament and provide opportunities where people would benefit, so as to lessen their plight.

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