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NSA exposed as musical concert is held on Accra Sports Stadium pitch



Charles Amofa denies concert will be held on Accra Sports Stadium pitch

Charles Amofa confirms agreed attendance for GT Bank concert is 10,000

Ghana Tourism Authority negotiates with GT Bank for concert

National Sports Authority(NSA) has been exposed after the pitch side of Accra Sports Stadium was used for the GT Bank musical concert contrary to an earlier communication.

NSA spokesperson, Charles Amofa, had told GhanaWeb that behind the goalpost will be used for the concert but viral pictures from the event that occurred last Friday, December 17 tell a different story.

Ahead of the match, Amofa when asked about whether or not the pitchside will be affected by the concert said:

“It’s the goal post area which would be used for the concert. That was an initial set up by the set designers but that thing has been moved to the goal post area. That was the agreement deal we have with them.”

He told GhanaWeb that the Ghana Tourism Authority did the negotiations and settled on 10,000 attendance.

“Ghana Tourism Authority has done those negotiations with them and the organizers are very much aware that they cannot be more than 10,000. The seating capacity is 40,000 and they can’t be more than 10,00.”

However, the big concert was held on the pitch.

The NSA rented out the Accra Sports Stadium for a musical concert after informing sporting disciplines that the stadium has been closed for pitch maintenance.

Here are some images from the concert with the Accra Sports Stadium almost full to its capacity