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 Nurse warns of hearing loss impact.

Nurse warns of hearing loss impact.

Madam Afrakoma Tiwaa, an Ear and Throat nurse at Saint Theresa’s Hospital in Nkoranza, in the Bono East Region, has warned on hearing loss impact in our societies.

According to her, people with hearing loss sometimes withdraw from their society, which potentially leads to depression.

She stated, “Losing your hearing can be a frightening and isolating experience that affects your career, relationships and overall ability to enjoy the environment around you”.

She added that the ear get weaker as we age, however hearing loss is common. Saying, hearing is a complex sense involving both the ear’s ability to recognize sounds whiles the brain’s ability to interpret those sounds, making the range of causes for hearing loss vast, including genetics, noise exposure and aging.

Speaking in a closed interview Apiah-Kubi on “Me man ho dadwen”, on Fabea FM, Madam Afrakoma emphasize that hearing problems are some of the common conditions encountered in most communities, therefore needs critical attention to promptly manage with continuum of care in the early identified stages.

She said, there are many different causes of hearing loss ranging from noise exposure to aging to diseases infections, which includes from genetics, ruptured eardrum, buildup of earwax, ear infections, repeated exposure to loud noises and aging.

She noted that there are signs that show an infant’s ability to hearing.

She concluded that overloud headsets contribute to hearing impairment in young people, and especially those who sits nearest to speakers in churches and funeral service should avoid the act to prevent hearing loss.


Source: *✍🏽 Apiah-Kubi – Fabea FM.*

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