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Otan:Sarkodie explores the negative aspects of achievement

Otan: Sarkodie explores the negative aspects of achievement

Sarkodie is quite good at spotting word combinations. As seen by the numerous songs he has written in the past, he possesses the ability to both tell stories and develop characters through his songs and to write songs that evoke an emotion that you could assume is the songwriter’s own. He is capable of crafting single-shot tunes as well as songs that build tension via the success of individual verses.

His fixed commercial significance has been assured by this crucial creative manoeuvre. And there it is: staying afloat in the mainstream demands an awareness of pop music norms. “Otan,” a song produced by MOG Beatz, means “hatred” in Ghanaian language. A phrase from the song conveys this meaning. Other meanings include acute awareness, worry or delusion about future successors, and unwavering trust in God to protect you through it all. His inventiveness, tremendous intellect, and verbal and melodic songwritership are all impressive. Not to be overlooked is the fact that he is also a very talented singer. However, he manages to accomplish that within the rather limited parameters of preexisting, instantly identifiable chord progressions and rhythmic arrangements.

His most recent song, “OTAN,” is a masterpiece that inspires people to take action in the world because it is so profound and real. He has the ability to craft linguistic hooks that stick in your head and inspire you to write stories. That’s just a quality writer. People conjecture about the meanings of his songs because they are intricate and meaningful works of art and because some of them do speak to public facts about his life outside the songs. He is a celebrity with a complex personal life that has been lived in the public eye for quite some time. Official music video of  OTAN is out https://youtu.be/sDQWnYIKHK8?si=AUcDSd22MJTKLPoG #otan #sarkodie #sarkcessmusic .

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