An overloaded passengers boat crossing the Ada river to Azizakpe in the Ada East District has capsized with five people including two children feared dead.

Rescuers including the Ghana Navy are still working to rescue survivors and retrieve the bodies. The children are two and three months old.

The passengers were traveling from Azizanya to attend a funeral in Azizakpe before the unfortunate incident happened, Mr. Godwin Agudey, Presiding Member, Ada-East Municipal Assembly, has confirmed to the Ghana News Agency in an interview.

He said, information gathered indicated that the boat which was supposed to carry about 40 to 50 people was loaded with close to 100 passengers, and while crossing, it capsized.

The Ada-East Presiding Member added that the boat completely submerged in the water, adding that a search team, including the Navy and other stakeholders, was still rescuing the victims.

“We are unable to tell the number of the people rescued because they were still working close to the Azizakpe island where they were attending the funeral, while others were being rescued back to Azizanya,” he said.