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People here drink ashes as soup of dead a body after the funeral

Different types of people live in the world and they also have their own different and unique traditions.

Some of these traditions are still fine, but sometimes we get to hear such things, on hearing which we get scared.

A similar funeral tradition is followed in the South American tribe of the Yanomani, which is so strange that you will be shocked after knowing it. Although it is quite normal for these people.

The customs associated with birth and death differ from society to society and community to community. Although some things are the same everywhere, such as sending the dead body on its last journey with respect.

At the same time, talking about the Yanomani tribe found in South America, there is a strange tradition related to the last rites, in which even the remaining ashes after burning the dead are drunk as soup.

You must have heard some strange traditions related to the funeral, in which the dead body is taken out of the grave for the party or due to lack of space, the coffins are exchanged. However, the custom of the Yanomani tribe is different from that. In this tribe, known as Yanam or Senema, the dead body is covered with leaves and other things for the last rites.

After 30-40 days they bring it back and burn the remaining body. These people make soup and drink the ashes that remain after burning the body. This custom is being followed traditionally here.

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