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People Who Will Likely Have Urine Odor And How To Stop It

Urine has a natural odor that is unique to everyone. From time to time, you may observe that your urine smells stronger than it usually does. You may not need to be anxious about this. But in some cases, having strong or usual urine odor could be a result of medical conditions like diabetes or liver diseases

Sometimes the medications you take or not drinking enough water can also make your urine smell bad. If you suspect that your problem is a result of not taking enough water, you should start drinking at least 8 cups of water daily. In that article, I’ll like to enlighten you about people who will likely have smelly urine according to Healthline.

1. dehydrated People. Our urine is composed of ammonia. The more hydrated you are, the less concentrated ammonia is. However, dehydrated people have stronger ammonia concentration which results in smelly urine. This is why your urine is stronger after you wake up in the morning.

What to do.

Drink plenty of water every day

2. People with UTIs. Urinary tract infections are one of the common causes of smelling urine. UTIs is caused by bacterias in our urine. People with UTIs also suffer from painful urination and frequent urination amongst other symptoms

What to do.

Antibiotics. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics that help to kill off bacteria.

3. People who use certain medications like vitamin D, B vitamins, sulfonamide antibiotics, diabetes, certain rheumatoid medications, etc can make their urine smell badly.

What to do.

Speak to your doctor

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