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PHOTOS: Tribe with Ostrich-like Feet Discovered in Africa


People think that the Wadoma Tribe’s two-toed feet are one of the strangest things about Zimbabwe.

They are native to the area around the Zambezi River in the north of the country, and they are also known by a different name. They are also known among the other tribes in the country for how good they are at hunting.

The Vadoma or Doma tribe is known for their own language, Doma, which is similar to the Shona language spoken by the Korekore and Tande Shona people. The tribe’s oral history said that their ancestors came from a baobab tree and made their way to the rest of the world.

They think that their ancestors stayed alive by eating the fruits from this tree, and this belief is still reflected in their practices today.

People who used to live on the banks of the Zambezi river are said to have given the Vadoma tribe its name. The Vadoma are known for their magical skills. People know them for how good they are at magic and how they can just vanish at any time.

The Vadoma tribe is mostly nomadic, and most of what they do for a living is hunt, fish, and gather wild fruits and grains. Unlike other tribes in Zimbabwe, they don’t depend on farming to make a living.

They are known to keep themselves safe from the outside world, with rain being their only worry. The roofs of their huts are made of thatch to protect their things from the rain.

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