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Policeman caught by chief smoking ‘weed’

A uniformed police officer has been caught in the act of smoking ‘weed’ in a community in Akim Etwereso, in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The unidentified police officer was caught by the chief of the community, only referred to as Daasebre in the video.

In a video credited to Angel TV, the police officer is initially seen and heard pleading with the chief and some men he appeared on the scene with.

But in a very quick turn of events, the police officer switched moods after he had been confronted with the facts of having been caught red-handed.

This also follows an attempt by the policeman to deny having been smoking ‘weed’ when he was caught.

“That what? What kind of big offense are you talking about? So will you arrest me, or add this one to me? What are you telling me? I don’t go that way? Do you know where I’m from and the work I came to do here? Or do you think I’m only at the barrier? And you are telling me that you’ll arrest me?

“Are you done arresting the folks in this village?” the visibly angry policeman burst out.

Expressing shock at his reaction, the chief, in a very calm way, addressed the questions of the policeman by asking him if he was aware of the directives he (the chief) had issued in his town.

“Hear me; the people I am walking with are with the National Security… the statement you made that ‘have we finished arresting the people of this community’ is very unfortunate. Do you know the instructions I have issued in this community?” he quizzed the policeman.

The policeman then pleaded for mercy, acknowledging to the chief that he was at fault, while apologising for the way he spoke earlier.

The chief of the community has since vowed to ensure that he reports the behaviour of the policeman to the Inspector General of Police, COP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare.

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