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Prices of eggs increase by 10%

The Poultry Farmers Association of Ghana has announced an increment in the prices of eggs by 10% effective Monday 14 March 2022.

Per the new prices, a crate of eggs is now selling between GHC27 and GHC35 depending on the size and place of purchase.

Napoleon Agyemang, the national president of the association has been explaining the reasons for the increment to Asaase Business.

“With the percentage increase, we usually will go by the difference between the previous price and the recent price. We can get about 5%, 8% or 10%. It comes in different areas; some farmers in the Western, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo regions are all selling at different prices so you cannot really point to a general percentage increase. But, there’s been some increase, maximum 10% so that if you used to sell it at GHC20, it moves to GHC22,” Agyemang said.


“…Everything that we use for poultry has increased. Talk of the feed; every now and then you see feed cost going up. If you consider the increase in the feed by feed manufacturers; you can see that every week the prices are going up and we as farmers have no option but to shift it to the sales price. Feed cost has gone up; medication has gone up even day-old chicks’ prices have gone up,” he said.

New prices take immediate effect

“It starts immediately since the increase came last Friday. So, immediately it is starting. But then it’ll take time to get to the membership. Not every poultry farmer is a member of the association so it’ll come in circulation then everybody will do the adjustment till we all get to uniform prices,” Agyemang said.

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