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Ready For Your Comeback?: A Successful Online World Conference



Many Christian Leaders around the World has applauded the just ended ‘CLF Online World Conference’, a platform where Christian leaders from around the world gather to exchange and seek the pathway of faith and ministry, as a life transforming event.

Several testimonies shared after the online conference, recounted numerous life changing experiences from the participants, many of whom are Pastors and Leaders of various Christian Ministries from North America, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Africa, and Oceania, who participated via online by regions and languages to share key programs (videos) at their local times.

Throughout the conference, Rev. Dr. Ok Soo Park, the main lecturer preached the gospel simply but powerfully, citing various illustrations. ‘Principle of human regeneration is the same, as the weak roots of melons are cut out and the melon stems are reborn as strong and delicious melons when grafted onto strong pumpkin roots’.

Some of the participants after being taking part in the 3 day virtual conference and shared some various heart-warming testimonies.

Pastor Emmanuel Assogba / Ghana

“What a wonderful message? Just finished watching from GTV life. The message was full of hope, faith, and forgiveness of sin. 2 Kings 7:1-10. Thanks for making me be part of this blessing… Shalom.”

Rev. Grace Otu-Plange

I am very thankful to have the privilege to listen to Rev. Ock Soo Park’s sermon. Until we go to Jesus Christ, we don’t have salvation. One has to be close to Jesus Christ to be counted righteous. We need to believe Jesus Christ to be saved. Acts 16:31. If the pumpkin had not been engrafted to the melon, he won’t have survived.
Evangelist Michael Korda

My encounter with Rev Dr. Ock Soo Park through this CLF conference, has opened my eyes to the scriptures and now I know, God has given me the gift of righteousness, through the eternal redemptive work in Jesus and therefore I have been made righteous through the finished eternal works by Jesus Christ on the cross in heaven, on this not I can boldly declare that I am eternally saved. I wish to be used by God through his senior servant to minister the gospel powerfully.


Thank you.
Martha Roa / USA

It feels as if the eye shield that was covering my eyes was removed. I can now understand the story pastor was trying to explain to me. Thank you very much. It is amazing that the desire to learn Korean simply led me to the chance to hear Pastor Park’s words.

Dudley Pastor Dudley / Jamaica

I lead four churches in Jamaica. Everything from the words of ‘Eternal Atonement’ at dawn this morning to Pastor Park’s Genesis chapter 40 was so impressive. The pastor spoke exactly about the blood of Jesus. We must stand before God, relying only on the blood of Jesus. If I stand before God with my zeal and my good things, I have no choice but to perish. As I listened today, it became clear that I would stand before God as a perfectly righteous man with the blood of Jesus alone.

The conference

Preaching on the theme “Are you ready for a comeback?” Rev Ock Soo Park, founder of Christian Leaders Fellowship posed a challenging question by way of the online conference to pastors and Christian leaders around the world to think about the distance between God and one’s heart.

Reading from Romans 3:23, “for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.” Through this Bible verse, many people confess they are sinners and pray always pleading for forgiveness of sin.’” I also lived like that. But looking at verse 24, he said, ‘I have been justified.’ I am a sinner, but God is saying that I am righteous. I am dirty, but God is saying I am clean.

The conference was held at the CLF headquarters in the United States via Zoom application came off on Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th June 2020.

The ‘3rd CLF World Conference’ in New York, USA was slated for March 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference was scheduled into a virtual online programme.


The main programs include key lectures by CLF founder Pastor Ock Soo Park and 9 thematic academies: Permanent Atonement, Successful ministry, Church history, Mindset education, Life of faith, Jesus Christ in the tabernacle, Prison ministry, Training disciples, and Levitic sacrifice.

There were several empowerment talks from pastors of major denominations from around the world that joined the CLF as special lecturers. Participants could opt for one of 14 lectures over an hour. Some special lectures were delivered by Andrew Wommack, famous for his TV preaching program, Andrew Mora, President of the American Christian Chaplin Association, and Brandon Porter, bishop of the General Assembly of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Lectures of Porter).

The Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) is a worldwide Christian organization established in March 2017, purposely to unite pastors around the world and spread the true Gospel over the world, under the slogan “Let’s Return to the True Gospel and the Right Faith, Focused on the Bible”. The CLF transcends denomination, language, race or even country, focusing only on the Bible.


Source: Thepressradio.com/Dickson Boadi

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