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Reasons You Should Have Guinea fowls In Your Home

Most of the time, it’s hard to understand why people raise chickens at home instead of guinea fowl. But there are some good reasons to have guinea fowls in your house. Because they are easy and cheap to care for, keep snakes away from our homes, and provide food for people.

Here are five reasons, according to Healthline, why you should have guinea fowls in your home.

1. They watch out for safety.

Guinea fowl are known for making a lot of noise, so you will know if someone breaks in. When they see something even a little bit bad, they will scream out loudly and clearly. This could include predators or other unwelcome guests, keeping everyone safe.

2. Food source.

Guinea fowl can be raised to give you meat and eggs. The meat of a young guinea is a good source of protein for your heart because it is lean, low in fat and calories, and high in important amino acids. The same way you eat chicken eggs, you can also eat guinea eggs (and should be collected daily if not used for hatching purposes). Eggs and meat are good for the body in a lot of different ways.

3. It is easy and cheap to feed them.

Even though you can buy extra food for guinea hens, they will find most of what they need to eat on their own. Most of the time, they don’t get sick or get diseases that can wipe out whole flocks like chickens do.

4. Protect your house from snakes.

Use guineas to keep snakes from coming into your home without your permission. Guinea fowl will make loud calls as a group to warn you about a snake. A flock of birds may surround a small snake and even kill it if it is there.

5. Guineas eat bugs like ticks and other bugs.

Guinea fowls are wandering animals that like to eat bugs, rodents, ticks, and other pests that may be a problem on your property.

Having guinea fowls is a cheap way to get rid of pests without using dangerous repellents or pesticides.

Source: iNews

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