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Salinko blamed for being divorced, here’s why

Popular Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki, has expressed that Salinko greatly contributed to his failed marriage, adding that, the actor condoned certain habits which shouldn’t be practiced in marriage.

One can recall that Salinko opened up about how his wife divorced him on the grounds of being fed up.

Salinko broke the news in an interview with Poleeno Multimedia where he also disclosed that his wife’s decision caused him many health challenges which affected his work.

“Madam just said that she is fed up, we went to the father and the father also said he can see the daughter is fed up; no one maltreated her or did anything to her. I nearly went mad but I had to manage because initially when I go to the market to sell, I can sit there for a while until someone prompts me before I become conscious of myself. Yes, a lady can tell you that she is fed up without any reason,” he earlier stated.

But reacting to this, Oboy Siki thinks Salinko ‘dug his own grave’.

Stating his reasons in a discussion on GHPage, Oboy Siki said Salinko exposed his wife to a lot of things at a time he took her along to almost every event.

He said, Salinko over introduced his wife to his dealings, including witnessing things she shouldn’t have encountered and this somewhat heightened familiarity between them.

“Salinko will learn some sense from this. When he got married, he takes his wife to almost every event he is invited to. It’s not the right thing to do, marriage isn’t like that. There is a difference between marriage and courtship. It even dwindles the respect people have for you. Whenever we go for events, you always grab two seats for yourself, everything that is being served including food, drinks and so on, you take double. Why? When you do that, you are spoiling the woman too much. Sometimes, because provision was made for only you, you have to fight for food for your wife. She sees all these things.

“When you take her to places like that, she gets to meet people who are bigger than you. People who have attained a higher status than you so she starts to disrespect you. The big men even send you on errands, right in her presence. You expose her to a lot of things,” he stated.
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