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Sex in the church and murder of pregnant choir mistress: Pastors rip apart General Overseer from hell

In a recent case, in Rivers State, the General Overseer of Altar of Solution and Healing Assembly, Pastor Chidiebere Okoroafor, blamed the devil after being sentenced to death by a Port Harcourt High Court for the murder of his choir mistress, her friend and 11-month-old toddler.

And the response from the clergy was “you were never a man of God.”

Manifestation of the beast in Afam, Oyigbo Local Government Area based Okoroafor came into light when operatives of the Homicide Department of Rivers Police Command apprehended him on December 17, 2017 following the alarm raised by one Joseph Ezenwa.

Ezenwa’s wife, Chigozie, with nine months old Christabel strapped to her back, had accompanied her friend, Orlunma Nwagba, to meet Okoroafor, their pastor.

In the police account of his confession, Okoroafor had, in a secret sexual affair, impregnated 25-year-old Orlunma, his church choir mistress.

Both friends on December 11, 2017 set out to confront the General Overseer to resolve the scandalous pregnancy issue.

Evil Genius

Apparently decided on erasing the looming scandal on his own terms, Okoroafor had separated his visitors.

He lured the pregnant choir mistress to an uncompleted building while asking her friend to stay three “poles” away.

According to then-DCP Cyril Okoro of the Rivers Police Command, the pastor strangled Orlunma in the uncompleted building.

He then rejoined Chigozie and left with her and her baby on a tricycle (keke) to Afam Roundabout.

From the roundabout, they took a motorbike on lonely Igberu Road.

Okoroafor murdered his second victim in an isolated bush, using the wrapper with which Chigozie strapped her baby to her back to suffocate her.

“The baby was equally discovered dead. This murder by the suspect was premeditated, callous and devoid of human sympathy,” Okoro had said, adding that the pastor manipulated both friends after taking advantage of the trust they had in him.


Eight years after, Justice S.O Benson, in the June 6, 2023 judgment, said the evidence and confessional statements from the pastor showed he committed the crime.

The prosecution, having proven the case of murder against the cleric, the judge ordered that Okoroafor be killed by hanging or served lethal injection which kills faster.

Counsel from the state Ministry of Justice, Precious Ordu, said the prosecution was undaunted despite receiving threats through the trial and that it was gratifying that “justice has been served to state, the complainant, and the convict”, while also thanking the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) which brought up the case before the state took over.

Resolved to appeal the judgment, counsel for the defendant, Dr Innocent Ekwu, said the court ‘misconceived the law’, adding, “The court held there was no eyewitness, not even one throughout the trial. The court also held there was no circumstantial evidence linking the fellow to murder.

“The court convicted him of murder on account of his confessional statements. We, as counsel to the defendant, are going to file our notice of appeal as quickly as possible because we have grounds on which we believe the defendant did not commit the offence.”

The convict, upon his sentence, as he was said to have told the police back in 2017, said his actions were the handiwork of the devil while also apologising to relatives of those murdered.

Clerics Speak

Rev Emmanuel Nwabuikwu, Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Port Harcourt, said, “Crime is a societal thing. Human beings will commit it in different ways, at different times. However, when this has to do with a supposed pastor, there lies the prophetic factor

“Bible lets us know at this period in history that evil will increase and many charlatans, and false prophets will arise, Matthew 24:11. So, from the Christian viewpoint, these things happening are not a surprise.

“People blame the devil for the evil they knowingly and consciously commit. Inasmuch as Satan is a real spiritual entity in Christian belief, every man is responsible before God and society for the crimes they commit, and they will pay. So, it is pointless blaming the devil.

“There are those who present selves as men of God but are pretentious predators that fleece the ignorant and gullible. It is their appetite that called them to ministry, not God.

“The media is quick to flash every news about men of God misbehaving, but it’s important to understand that it’s not every ‘man of God’ that is a man of God.”

Rev Ese Diajiyeren of Good Shepherd Baptist Church, on his part, said, “Truth remains that incidents of this kind abound. Crime is condemnable. I feel the so-called pastor wanted to cover up his crime (2 Samuel 11). See the case of King David and Bathsheba.

“Yes, the devil tempts, but we are told in scripture not to give him a chance (Ephesians 4: 27). It is in giving the devil a chance that usually leads to such regrettable actions.

“A true man of God who is careless can fall into the first temptation, like King David. The issue of temptation is a real issue. Hence we are admonished in scripture to be on guard or alert (1 Pet. 5: 8).

“A true man of God is known by his fruit. His preaching/words must match his actions. Pastoral ministry like some other professions brings the pastor in contact with several people, especially female folks seeking his attention.

“To steer clear of sexual temptation and attendant challenges, pastors should set boundaries for selves in their relationship with the opposite sex.

“Also, they are advised to be mindful of their humanity. That one is a pastor does not remove sexuality from him. He is to be alert to that fact and keep his sexual urge under tight control. Above all, there is no excuse for taking the lives of others.”

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