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SHS student impregnates his ICT Madam

This world is very wonderful and due to that we always here about strange issues happening in our country.

It is always noted that, she male teachers who always impregnates their female student forgetting that the male students can also impregnate the female teachers.

There is a certain information trending on the social media platforms and due to that won’t keep it with me alone but will like to share it here with you to also share your opinion about it.

According to a report that was posted on one of the Ghanaian blogging platform with the name “Ghpage” an shs male student impregnated his ICT female teacher.

The teacher stated that, she was being posted in a certain school for her national service and when ever she goes to class she always play with the student which made the student loved her.

She added that, due to how she has been related with the students some of them collected her number which she gave it to them without any bad intention.

One day, one of her students who requested for then number called her to meet her in the town which the madam also did as instructed by the student, when she met the boy asked her for her location which she gave to him and by two weeks later the boy called the madam that he was in her area so he wanted them to meet and the teacher also welcomed the boy in her room.

When the guy visited her for the first time nothing happened they just dined together and watched television together and the boy went back to he house.

Two days later, the boy came by telling the madam he clossed from classes which was early so he wanted to spend some time in the house of the madam which she also insisted him.

Also, during the second visit of the guys they was having their normal discussion which she jokenly said the boy should have a girlfriend by now and the student said he has nothing like that.

During the discussion the teacher couldn’t control herself when they slep together for about twice.

After enjoying themselves, the teacher said she wasn’t feeling well which she went to the hospital and surprisingly she was confirmed that she’s pregnant.

Now the problem of the madam is that, she want to abort the baby but afraid that her student will tell people about the issue which she posted it on the above mentioned platforms for some advice.


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