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Female hand holding model of human kidney organ at back of body. Hand showing model with outside of human kidney isolated on white background. The artificial model for education shows the exterior of the kidney organ. This organ or gland filters and purifies the blood. People have two kidneys in their body and sometimes a person donates one for transplantation to another person with a kidney disease.

Signs you may notice if you have blood clots in your kidney

Blood clots are a gel-like gathering of blood that grows in your veins or arteries when blood changes from liquid to partially solid. Clotting is an ideal function that prevents your body from bleeding in excess when you get hurt. Nevertheless, blood clots that develop in some places and do not dissolve on their own can be harmful to your health.

In this article, in line with a publication in WebMD, we will attempt to explain ways to know when blood clots are present in the Kidneys. Endeavour to read to the end to learn something new today.

A blood clot in the kidneys can prevent them from removing waste from your body. That can trigger high blood pressure or even kidney failure. This is harmful, so look out for these symptoms: Pain in the side of your belly legs, or thighs, blood in your urine, fever, nausea or vomiting, high blood pressure, sudden severe leg swelling, and trouble breathing.

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