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Six terrible habits that are ruining your sex life

Everyone wants to have a good sex life and it is their right to feel that way.

Having a terrible sex life sucks and talking about it sometimes can make the experience even more unbearable.

More often than not, this problem is the consequence of mostly preventable sexual health problems—and that means you have a good chance to right the issue before it gets any worse.

Below are some habits that are ruining your sex life :

  • Unsatisfying sex

There are times when the partner is not satisfying you and therefore after so many disappointments, you just do not feel like it. If this is the case with you then it is high time you both discuss it. You sometimes need to tell your partner what you like in bed, how you like it and what they are doing wrong.

  • Stress

If you take too much stress about everything, be it work or house chores or even if it is about trying different things in bed, then it can kill your sex life. The stress does not let us concentrate on anything and your cortisol levels get too high. These levels are mood killers as they work on suppressing your testosterone and other hormone productions.

  • Frequent couple fights

Every couple fights but it is all about the frequency and magnitude. If you and your partner fight way too much and it is always unhealthy, then it is obvious that your sex lives will be affected too as you tend to feel off about your partner. You both need to work on your sync and balance to have good sex.

  • Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can be a major cause of being tired all the time. If you are overworking and your body is not getting ample rest, it will feel tired by the end of the day so sex will always be out of the window. Either take catnaps in the afternoon or change your diet and lifestyle.

  • Having dinner too late at night

If you have dinner too late in the night, it will obviously delay your digestion. You won’t feel like having sex because of that. Late dinners will make you feel really heavy in the tummy and this is why most people do not have sex after a late night dinner. Have early dinner if you want some sexy bedroom moments with your partner.

  • Watching porn

It is natural and common for men and women to watch and enjoy porn. But this can break your sex life.

While studies have also proven how porn-viewing can lead to erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety in men, porn-viewing in women has consequences too. Watching porn will raise your expectations from your partners and if they are unable to meet them, it turns to ruin your sex life.

SOURCE: Pulse Nigeria

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