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Six Types Of Members You Find In The Church

NOTE: This post does not intend to portray the church in a bad light, however, to point out obvious characters that made up its congregation.

1) The overzealous members

These members appear dedicated to their faith that sometimes you begin to wonder if they’re flesh and blood.

If you are looking for a true definition of I’m holier than thou, look no further, they represent everything in-between.

This group of Christians sees anyone who does not operate on the same frequency as them as inferior or better still sinners disguised as Christians.

The worst thing about most of them is, a little encounter with them portrays them to be the exact opposite of what you think they are, transact business with them you’ll appreciate better how greed and covetousness are their lots

These members believed they own the church, and they most times control the church leadership.

2) The ordinary members

These members are my favorite type, their own is to attend church services and go home straight, and they don’t have time for church politics whatsoever.

The more you try to involve and lure them closer the farther they stay away, they go to church because they’re convinced to do so not because of persuasion from anyone.

You’ll feel comfortable associating with them more than any other type of member, to them humanity is first before religion.

3) The phone pressers

If you’ve not noticed these types of members in recent times, you probably are not a regular in the church.

The moment they get sited, they make their phones a companion that no message or order of service matters.

Peep through, you’ll be amazed they’re on social media, chatting on WhatsApp, etc.

They’ll use the entrance and exit more than the ushers, why are they walking up and down? They’re talking calls.

4) The fashion members

These group of members hardly come to church, they visit on rare occasions especially when they have new or modern cloth to show off.

They’ll be the last to walk into the church when every member is sited and can take cognizance of their attire.

They are filled with innate pride and can give you that gory look if you overstep your boundary into their space by error.

Nothing matters to them more than their clothes and respect.

5) The sleeping members

Everybody may have been a victim of sudden sleep in the church, however, some members are sole custodians of sleeping in the church as always that you’ll think they have sleeping sicknesses.

They’ll bathe in their house, and put on their best attire just to fall asleep the moment their butts hit the church sit.

Ushers don’t tap them anymore, as they easily pick offense for no reason, it’s well.

6) The chaikers/receivers

I purposely saved this group of members for the last spot.

Either you refute it or accept it, they are in your church.

The only reason they come to church is to toss babes and most babes are there to give and receive signals too.

Messages about holiness and against fornication are not for them, they are always busy looking for their like and they’ll surely get it.

Haven’t you heard instances where people were caught having sex in the church toilet or nearby hideouts during night vigils, most parents don’t even know what their children are up to. Now you know.

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