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Slay queen laments young girls flooding her DMs with requests for sugar daddies

Plaxedes Doobae, a well-known social media personality, took to Instagram to bemoan the fact that ladies were flooding her DMs with requests for introductions to wealthy men.

In an Instagram story, Doobae criticised these women for being lazy and advised them to put in extra effort to achieve their goals.

These people are so lazy today. “Auntie help me get a rich boyfriend,” is a common direct message.

Make some money for me. Why did some of us have to work so hard to get our possessions – breaking our backs in the process – and then give everything we have to others? Life is so simple; if you need information, google it.
If you need a man, go out and find one. Focus on your goals. If you need money, broaden your horizons and try harder. You can’t ask other people’s children for help on social media!

Please don’t be so lazy. You are the only one who can help you.

Doobae made waves last year when she showed up at Rick Ross’ debut performance in the nation wearing clothes inspired by Zodwa Wabantu.

When renowned journalist Blessed Mhlanga posted pictures of the socialite on his Twitter account, it immediately went viral.

She first gained notoriety for a false rumour that she had cheated on her ex-husband Hastings Rwizi.

She was reportedly dumped after one of her roora/lobola squad members admitted to her husband during a game of truth or dare that the child he was raising as his belonged to someone else.

DNA test results proved that Hastings was the child’s biological father, despite Doobae’s denials. However, the two went their separate ways.

Source: Club Mate

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