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Valentine’s Day: 5 gift boxes you should never get for your lover

One of the reasons many people love February is Valentine’s Day. It is a day lovers give gifts to each other and profess their love. Since gifting is such an important part of the day, here are some gifts lovers and gift curators should avoid;

1. A box full of nothing

Have you ever gotten a gift, and you couldn’t find one thing you could actually use or like? It probably had candles, jotters, pens, keychains, air mist and so on but nothing that mattered or had you going ‘wow!’

2. An overly expensive box

I just want to know why a gift box is worth three million naira. First of all, why? Who wants to spend that amount of money on a gift box? Yes, I get that it has an iPhone, but an iPhone is less than a million naira. Sigh, please no. An all-expense paid trip is better.

3. A box full of one thing

Yes, we know your partner loves skincare, but surely they don’t want a box of just skincare supplies or only chocolate; it lacks creativity. Buy different things, not just one thing they like.

4. A box full of generic things

I know you are thinking that’s so similar to a box full of nothing in the sense that they are both rubbish, but generic things are more annoying. They include things that almost everyone has e.g a water bottle or a notepad. Your partner won’t feel special if you get them generic things,

5. Gifts that aren’t thoughtful

This pretty much sums up everything on this list. Don’t send her money when she wants flowers. Your lover needs to know that you listened to them, you are aware of their needs, and you know what they like.

Source: Michael Agyapong Agyapa

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